In addition to admission requirements students are required to demonstrate competence in Statistics and have public sector work experience.  Students may be admitted conditionally before passing these prerequisites, but they must have a plan for completion no later than their second quarter in the program. Completing the prerequisites allows fully classified admission.    


Students may demonstrate competence in statistics by passing any introductory statistics class with a C or better.

This is a prerequisite for PA 603.

(At CSUSB this includes ADMIN 210, MATH 165, PSYC 210, CJUS 312 – You may also take an introductory statistics class at any college or university.)

Public Sector Employment Experience

  • Students must have public or non-profit sector work experience or complete an internship in order to achieve Classified status.
  • Students who do not have public or non profit sector work experience will be required to take an internship PA 675 early in their program.   PA 675 does NOT count as one of the required electives.
  • Students requiring an internship should consult with Jessica Chavez at the CBPA Internship Office in JB 134.