Learning Goals

AACSB Learning Goals


AACSB accredited degree programs:

  •          Bachelor of Arts in Administration (BA)
  •          Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology (BSIST)
  •          Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  •          Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA)
  •          Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (MSIST)


Learning goals for AACSB accreditation:

  1. Specific Knowledge and Skills - A&F, IDS, MGTM, MKTG, & PA.
  2. Communication - Each student can effectively communicate, either written or oral.
  3. Ethical Reasoning and Global Context - Each student can identify and evaluate ethical issues within a global context and articulate a realistic recommendation to inform decision making.
  4. Problem Solving Using Information Technology - Each student can work through the problem solving process using information technology to identify a problem, evaluate solutions, and devise an innovative strategy to achieve a desired goal.


NASPAA Universal Competencies:

NASPAA accredited degree program: Master of Public Administration

MPA Mission Statement and Objectives