Juniors, seniors, and graduate students are encouraged to seek internships. CSUSB and the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration provide excellent resources for researching internship opportunities.  Students are encouraged to complete multiple internships while completing a Bachelor or Master's degree. 

Why Internships?

  • Internships improve professional skills
  • Internships improve employment prospects
  • Internships improve résumés
  • Internships provide an opportunity to earn elective credit

Internship Areas

Business and public administration students should seek internship opportunities that allow growth in the following areas:

Career Development Provides insight to career paths and succession planning within chosen field
Professional Skills Allows an opportunity to observe and apply classroom knowledge in a working environment
Industry Knowledge Expands knowledge regarding the industry, potential competitors, vendors, customers, and products/services
Communication Skills Provides an opportunity to improve verbal and written communication skills
Personal Skills Provides an opportunity to interact with organization leaders, and work in a diverse environment

At the onset of an internship, students are asked to establish key goals and objectives.  Strong goals and objectives will benefit both the intern and employer. The Jack H. Brown College (JHBC) internship program was not established just to offer students credit for work, but rather, the program enables students to build a résumé with strong examples within a real-world environment. The program must balance that objective with the needs of the employer.

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

Internships can either be paid or unpaid, depending on the organization. 

PAID INTERNSHIPS All for-profit agencies should offer an hourly wage or stipend.  The JHBC typically does not approve unpaid, for-profit internships. 
UNPAID INTERNSHIPS City, County, State, Governmental, and non-profit agencies have the option to offer either paid or unpaid internships. 

JHBC Resource Network offers both paid and unpaid internship opportunities.

Enrolling for Credit

  • Students obtaining approved internships are eligible to enroll in a 4-unit internship course (students may enroll twice for credit) 
  • Internship courses are offered on a Credit (CR), or No-Credit (NC) basis
    • CR is issued when all internship requirements have been completed 
    • NC is issued for interns failing to meet requirements
  • Internship courses meet the elective requirement within a concentration
    • Internship courses coincide with the concentration, and are 500 or 600 level courses, depending on class level 
      • Example: ACCT 575 - Undergraduate Accounting Internship
      • Example: ACCT 675 - Graduate Accounting Internship
  • Internships must be approved by the Internship Coordinator, and possibly the Department Chair 
    • Internship courses require department consent, therefore students cannot self-enroll via My Coyote
  • Details regarding earning internship credit are available within eligibility guidelines
  • Contact the JHBC Internship Coordinator for details


What Students Are Saying About Internships

The following testimonials are previous JHBC interns.


"This internship has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had the pleasure of taking part. I have learned a lot about myself, and what it takes to make differences within the community. I was able to obtain a (full-time) position during my internship that should begin May 1st. I have made professional contacts and friends in this process. I have pushed myself more than I would have expected, and it all continues to pay off."

- G. Toruno, Public Administration

"My internship has been the best experience I have ever had. I made important networking connections that I will be utilizing after my graduation in the Fall. I feel fully prepared to take on the task of a full-time Marketing specialist, and have gained invaluable experiences that I can apply to my future endeavors." 

-D. Ortegon, Marketing

"I would have to say that the internship was better than I had expected. My goal after graduation was to work in the private sector as a recruiter, but being in this internship has changed my mind about government/public sector jobs. I would love to be a recruiter still, but working for the government as an HR Analyst is now added as one of my goals. My experience in this internship has given me the opportunity to get hands-on experience with theories, concepts, and principles that I have learned in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration department. This was one of my favorite experiences as a CSUSB student because I got the opportunity to network with HR professionals." 

- S. Mendez, Human Resource Management

"My internship has allowed me to become a stronger student at school by applying the learning that I have experienced in the classroom to real life situations. Overall, this internship has benefited me by helping me grow, network with people inside and outside of school, and become more involved in my field."

-C. Burk, Cyber Security