Department of Information Decision Sciences

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Information Systems and Technology Staff

In our complex society, we are flooded with information! Too much information presented in a format that is often difficult to comprehend. Yet we are expected to identify and solve problems, and to make sound decisions quickly.

The Department of Information & Decision Sciences' academic programs and activities will prepare you to do just that. You will learn the skills and applications of information and decision technology in an organizational environment, design and manage systems that support other professionals, be more effective as a working professional, and a contributing member of your community.

Those following the Bachelor of Arts in Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management have a huge advantage than those graduating from other universities. We are partners with APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) and AST&L (American Society Transportation and Logistics).

Not only will you have your Bachelor of Arts Degree, you'll also have a certificate in Transportation and Logistics from APICS professional certification program! We are the only university in California who has this certification for our students.

The Department of Information Systems and Technology offers two undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor of Arts in Administration with three concentrations-

Bachelor of Sciences in Info Systems & Technology with four options-

Masters of Science in Info Systems & Technology