Department of Management

Welcome to the Department of Management!  

Want to be an innovator or entrepreneur? A key manager and leader in your organization? A part of hiring and developing the critical talent to help an organization thrive and grow?  

If so, the Management Department and its outstanding faculty in three (3) distinct academic programs will help you to gain the critical skills, knowledge and confidence to make a contribution and build a successful career as an entrepreneur, manager or human resources professional!  
Undergraduate students studying at CSUSB can choose any one of these as a concentration in the Administration degree, or for non-business students, we offer a Minor in each of the three (3) subject areas.  

  • Master Of Science Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Innovation Applied - ENTRE.CSUSB.EDU
  • CSUSB Entrepreneurship
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  • Sigma Nu Tau
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Any successful career will involve a role in managing people and resources for an organization.  Effective management is critical for an organization to meet its objectives and for an individual’s career to continue to develop upward.  Management is not innate – it is skill that can be acquired and developed. Our program teaches students the knowledge and skills to productively with other people, build and coordinate capable teams, and assume the challenges and responsibilities of leadership in a global economy.  


Our Entrepreneurship program, recognized as one of the Top 35 programs globally by AACSB International in 2017, prepares students to be innovators in any context – startup ventures and small businesses, corporate entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship.  With a focus on experiential learning and ecosystem on campus to support startup activity, students will learn how to apply the entrepreneurial mindset and “Think Like An Owner!™” 

Human Resource Management 

People are a firm’s most critical resource.  Our Human Resource Management program exposes students to the key knowledge and current practices that prepare them for a career in helping organizations find the right talent, develop that talent, and manage them effectively to ensure that the firm’s goals are achieved.  

Interested in a Graduate Degree in Business?

For Graduate students, we offer a Focus Area in the Traditional MBA program in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Management.  Elective courses are available in the Online MBA and MBA for Professionals in both Entrepreneurship and Management.  In Fall 2020, the department will begin offering the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.